Created for CLONEWAR exhibition by Sciencewerk

There are more pros and cons involving cloning, possibly more than any dilemma we are facing at the moment. We cannot deny that cloning if used on a widespread welfare scale could end global starvation issues; preservation of endangered species is among several valid reasons for cloning. The moral and ethical implications are impossible to ignore and has thus brought limbo to the legality of cloning. I believe the ultimate line to be crossed is in the cloning of a human being. When man starts to create man, we would have stepped into the realms of gods. My thought on this piece was a question. Would clones of the same kind develop in the same way? We are what we are today because of the experiences we go through in our lives. What if the life of a clone took a totally different path from the original? We could end up with multiple variations of the same specimen. But maybe, just like a child born of genetic parents, certain traits would be inherited into each and every individual.